Talks on Literature

Writers’ House began Talks on Literature in 2013. The project has continued ever since and, like many other projects of Writers’ House, it is of educational character. We aim to attract as many young people as possible to these meetings to deepen their knowledge of authors or books better than this is possible at schools or other teaching institutions. Famous writers, literary critics and authors discuss Georgian and foreign writers, and the attendants ask questions and actively engage into the discussion. Since 2013, many literary critics and authors have been participants and keynoters of the series of literary conversations, including, at various times, philologist Zaal Chkheidze, philologist Levan Berdzenishvili, Gigi Zedania, philosopeher Giorgi Maisuradze, translator Khatuna Tskhadaze, literary scholar Bela Tsifuria, and philologist Levan Gigineishvili.  

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