The aim of Writers' House is popularization of Georgian literature, development of creative translation, support of different literary processes, establishing literary competitions and awards, active interaction with governmental and non-governmental structures abroad,  publication of literary journal. In order to implement these aims, Writers' House channels its activities in  following directions:

  1. Enhancing literary-cultural activities
  2. Develop museum activity
  3. Strengthening international relations
  4. Developing educational processes

Within the frame of these directions, Writers' House will offer various types of activities, directed for development of literary processes (evenings of authors, readings, disucssions, literary exhibitions), thematic conferences, sympoziums and work meetings, lectures/masterclasses of Georgian and foreign authors and artists, screenings of films; Writers House strives to become  a place for dissamination, cognition and critical thinking of contemporary cultural processes, a discussion panel for those, interested in trends and challenges of modern Georgian artistic and cultural trends, for those,  interested in Georgian and foreign literature.

As a result of  developing its' international relations, Writers' House will be an active member of worlds' literary and cultural network, thus giving possiblity to Georgia, to be participant or even host of ongoing literary processes. This would support dissamination of Georgian literary traditions and at the same time would be the precondition of intensifying the cultural life of Georgia. Making contacts with literary houses of similar profile on the international scene, organising common events with them, the Writers' House will have the possibility to learn international experience and to share best practices, which will support the integration of newly created institution into the international network.

The building of Writers' House has its special and unique history, which is interesting for the public, especially for the young generation. For years, the Writers' Union of Georgia, situated in this building, was one of the important centres of national and intelectual activity, a participant and a witness of many critical events in the history of the country. Presenting in more depths the contemporary history of Georgia, through different events and publications, will enhance the civic-educational directions of Writers' House and take it to the larger scale.

Historic building of Writers’ House will also be an attractive place for tourists. The building is an outstanding architectural monument, but it also has an important historical value and today it is already part of the tour “Researching Soviet Past”. Literary-artistic book store and a cafe in the amazing inner garden of Writers’ House will become one more interesting place for inhabitants of Tbilisi and also for guests of the city. The Writers’ House will also have residences for writers, translators, editors, students involved in cultural events – 5 hotel rooms, with kitchen and entrance hall, with an comfortable and sophisticated environment.


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