Reading of Shota Chantladze’s Poems

On 17 September 2018, the garden of Writers’ House hosted an evening dedicated to Shota Chantladze 90. Along with Niko Samadashvili, he is one of those important Georgian writers, who did not publish anything in their lifetime. His poems were distributed in handwriting, while the university garden, admirers and lovers of his poetry would gather to listen to his poems in 1960-s, was famously known as “the Shota University.” Despite the fact that Shota Chantladze’s collections of poems were published several times posthumously, his significance for Georgian poetry remains largely underrated.

Shota Chantladze was recalled by his friends, and his poems were read by poets of various generations, including Besik Adeishvili, Givi Shahnazar, Givi Alkhazishvili, Dato Barbakadze,  Shota Iatashvili, Diana Anfimiadi, Paata Shamugia, Giorgi Shonia, Nika Lashkhia, and Giorgi Chutlashvili.
The evening was special in that each guest had an opportunity to become part of the event and read Shota Chantladze’s poems. This initiative was positively received and many people the audience got involved in poetry reading.

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