The Program

The program “Foreign literature in Georgian translation” is intended for Georgian publishers wishing to translate and publish foreign literature in Georgian language. 


1. Program Terms

1.1 Program “foreign literature in Georgian translation” is intended for Georgian publishers;

1.2 The literature ed for translation must belong to the following literary genres: prose, poetry, drama, scientific-popular, document prose (the program does not support translation of teaching-scientific literature, vocabularies and children’s / youth literature).

1.3 The foreign literature ed for translation by publishers, must not be published as a separate book in Georgian. 

1.4 During application ion, priority will be given to the author whose works have been translated and published in more than 3 countries.

1.5 Georgian translation of foreign literature must be carried out the original language.

1.6 The publishers cannot apply if they have or plan to seek additional funding sources to cover the costs of the ed translation.

1.7 The projects funded in 2021 must be completed on November 30th, 2021.




In case the publisher plans to make a new translation of the literature already published in Georgian, the publisher or translator must add a motivation letter to the required documentation, they will substantiate the need to translate specific literature once again.

2. Requested funding

The funding for project, requested by Georgian publishers can only be intended to cover translation costs.

3. Procedure for documentation registration

3.1 The required documentation must be presented to Writers’ House by the director of the publishing house or the entrusted person who has the right of signature.

3.2 The publishers must present the required documentation in Georgian electronically.

3.3 The program “Foreign literature in Georgian translation” is announced annually. Applications can be submitted to January 9th of current year until February 9th (18:00 o’ clock). Publishing houses have to submit electronic version of applications

3.4 Each publisher can present no more than three applications

3.5 The applications must be presented before the deadline;

3.6 Applications presented after the deadline will not be accepted.


4. Assessment procedure of applications

4.1 Applications will be reviewed by the Supervisory Board of Writers’ House.

4.2 The Supervisory Board will the applications which will receive funding.

4.3 The applicant will be notified by email 4 weeks after the application deadline.

5. Required documentation

5.1 Filled out application form;

5.2 Short biography of the book author;

5.3 copy of contract with the owner of copyright (signed by both parties);

5.4 Translator’s resume/ CV (CV must include the translating experience);

5.5 Copy of contract with the translator (signed by both parties);

5.6 Short annotation of the book (awards)


5.8 Sample translation (no less than 5 pages) together with the original.

5.9 Detailed budget of the project

5.10 In case of co-funding source of the mentioned project, consent letter respective organization

a) to co-funding (indicating the amount of money and cost categories)

b) to participation of Writers’ House in co-funding.

5.11 Official bank requisites of the applicant publisher, verified by the bank (indicating the name of the account holder, bank name, address, IBAN and SWIFT)


If necessary, Writers’ House can request additional information.

6. Terms of funding and contract

6.1 After approving the ed projects for funding, Writers’ House will sign the contract with the publishers.

6.2 The contract will draw on:

a) the contract with the copyright holder

b) contract with the translator

c) Detailed budget of the project

6.3 The contract is signed by the representatives of two parties: one the one hand the director of Writers’ House, and on the other hand the director or entrusted person of Georgian publishing house.

6.4 Implementation of the project must be based on the terms of the signed contract.

6.5 The funding will take place after project implementation and signing of the delivery-acceptance certificate.

6.6 The terms of contract are considered fulfilled after:

a) The Georgian publisher publishes the book in full circulation, which was indicated in application and contract.

b) It presents minimum 15 copies of the book to Writers’ House.

c) It presents documentation proving the translation and printing costs envisaged by the contract (delivery and acceptance certificate between the publisher and translator, and the document proving the full print edition)

6.7 The publisher must mention the support of Writers’ House and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia in the book, specifically, the book must have the logos of Writers’ House and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia with the following words: The book was published with the support of Writers’ House and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia.

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