Talks on Art

This is a series of conversations about contemporary and traditional art. The guest of the conversation discusses one particular topic and offers a detailed, profound analysis of a particular period / movement or an artist’s works. A frequent question is what art is, and participants attempt to answer the question. This question becomes particularly tense and active in relation to contemporary art. This is partly due to the fact that exhibitions of contemporary art are quite rare among us, and very little is written regarding this topic. Accordingly, sometimes the public finds contemporary art alien, almost incomprehensible, and dull. Therefore, conversation themes of invited experts or artists will concern these exact problems and issues. Many interesting conversations, discussions, and exhibitions have been held since 2013 in the framework of the series, the participants of which were, at different times: Gia Edzgveradze, art critic Dmitri Tumanishvili, art critic Salome Tsiskarishvili, director Temur Chkheidze, painter and gallery specialist Irina Popiashvili, painter Levan Choghoshvili, and painter Levan Laghidze.

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