War My Window

On 22 March 2017, Writers’ House hosted War My Window exhibition as part of Talks on Art series.

The exhibition, War My Window mixes history and memory in an attempt to perceive and understand the nature of war and peace in the early 1990-s. The title of the exhibition - War through My Window – comes Koka Ramishvili’s work of the same title, created back in between 1991 and 1992. Subsequent to the collapse of the Soviet Union, independent Georgia witnessed the beginning of a crucial stage for national art. Regardless of dire economic conditions, exhibitions, performances, and protests were not rare. Artists tried to create new thinking space on this new page of history. Different technologies, attitudes, and media were introduced. The country opened its borders, and Georgia arose interest in foreigners. A number of painters left the country, while others remained. High hopes accompanied freedom and independence, and so did unrest, anxiety, and confusion. War began and yet artistic process did not cease. Exhibitions were held, and painters continued working. Some works of art, created at that time, are now important to perceive artistic and historical processes in Georgia.
In works created during or after war, painters observed, depicted and portrayed everyday life. They tried to understand or simply forget war, and to ask questions hitherto unanswered.

The following artists participated in the exhibition:
Koka Ramishvili

Gio Sumbadze
Kote Jincharadze

Misha Gogrichiani

Lia Shvelidze

Gia Bughadze

Kote Sulaberidze
Guram Tsibakhashvili
Iliko Zautashvili

Niko Tsetskhladze
Salome Machaidze

Levan Choghoshvili
Misha Shengelia
Gia Rigvava

Oleg Timchenko

Mariam Natroshvili
Natuka Vatsadze

Detu Jincharadze

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