Literary Competition Our Adventure

In 2014, Children and Youth National Centre and Writers’ House implemented joint project Our Adventure. The competition, Our Adventure, which was intended for aspiring prose writers, aimed to encourage, support, and promote talented and gifted young authors. The competition’s official motto read as the following: the Reader Is Waiting for You!

The competition began on the 19th of June 2014 and finished on the 2nd October of the same year. The ion stage of the competition ended on the 15th of September, and 24 young / aspiring young writers, ed by the working panel of judges (supervised by both Writers’ House and Children and Youth National Centre), along with organizers and guests gathered at Alexandre Chavchavadze house museum, Tsinandali, on the 1st of October. The competition panel of judges consisted of the following: Teona Dolanjashvili, a writer and Advisor to the Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia; poet and translator Giorgi Lobzhanidze; Irakli Javakhadze, a writer and the editor of The Literary Newspaper. The winners include Lizi Budaghashvili, Tbilisi (for her short story, Zhana) and Lela Toidze, Tbilisi (for a short story - You Cannot Even Give a Title). Giorgi Lobzhanidze named three authors of his choice: Temur Zoidze, Khulo (short story - Zu), Magda Saginashvili, Sagarajo (The Alexandro of My Town), and Gaga Guliashvili, Rustavi (Earring – a short story). Giorgi invited all three of them for future contributions to The Apra Magazine, a publication of the Caucasian House. Irakli Javakhadze’s authors of choice included Lizi Nudaghashvili (Zhana)and Tamta Gventsadze, Tbilisi (My Adventure), whose stories were printed in the October issue of The Literary Newspaper (17 October 2014). They were awarded their first remuneration. Tina Mamulashvili, the director of Bakur Sulakauri Publishing, which was the official partner of the project, also named authors of her choice – Temur Zoidze and Magda Saginashvili, who were awarded with the books by Sulakauri Publishing, including those signed by Aka Morchiladze. Lizi Budaghashvili was entitled to another special prize, as she also received 70 GEL voucher of the bookshop. Elite Food, a sponsor of the competition, awarded panel of judges with several prizes, and named Aichat Mamedova, Gardabani as the author of its choice, (short story – Yellow… Golden Leaves).

After Tsinandali, participants of the literary competition visited Writers’ House, they were hosted by Dato Gabunia, a playwright and Saba winning writer (Saba Literary Prize, 2018), who gave them a short excursion.

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