Writers' House for Shida Kartli Schools

Writers’ House for Shida Kartli schools

(Ongoing project)

The project is implemented with financial support of Open Society Georgia Foundation and is organized by Writers’ House. The project goal is to strengthen civic self-awareness, liberal democratic ideas and encourage civic engagement among high school students by involving them in public discussions, in villages adjacent to the occupation line in Shida Kartli.

September 2018 till June 2019 10 meetings will be held, led by writers and poets. With the help writers and poets, our goal is to engage the youth in discussion of important topics, to cement the values that were delivered to them in the form of general declarations until now. The adolescents also had the opportunity to discuss important issues of their village and region. The project is also supported by Gori State University which will host the project participants for 10 months.  

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