For the deepening of relations with historical diasporas - Georgian Diaspora in Iran

In 2017, in order to establish cultural relationships with historic diasporas, Writers’ House implemented one more project, the goal of the project was cooperation with Writers’ House of Georgian diaspora in Iran. Fereydan is a region of Isfahan Province in Iran. Fereydan Georgians, are the descendants of Kakhetian population, who were exiled to Iran by Iranian Shah in 18th century. Georgians took the names of their villages with them (Martkopi, Ninotsminda, Telavi) and gave those names to the settlements in Iran. This means that the Fereydan Georgians tried to create the language environment similar to Georgia. Georgian society knows which customs and traditions these people were able to preserve over the centuries. The presented project was aimed at maintaining and continuing these traditions and relationships.

Within the frames of collaboration with Iranian diaspora, the consultant of Writers’ House, Tsatso Kotetishvili visited Tehran, Isfahan and Fereydan to do research and establish contact with representatives of scientific circles.

At the final stage of the project, Writers’ House held a meeting with Fereydan Georgians, poets and representatives of art circles living in Fereydan attended the event – Vasil Kavlashvili, Lado Sefiani, Nugzar Lachinani and Ioseb Mikeladze. The meeting was aimed at preserving and deepening the above mentioned traditions and relationships. The moderator of the meeting was Eastern Studies and Iranian Studies specialist, Tsatso Kotetishvili.

The project was implemented by financial support of President’s Reserve Fund.

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