22 November 2021
Georgia will participate in Guadalajara and Thessaloniki Book Fairs for the first time

Organized by the Writers' House and in partnership with the project "Tbilisi - World Book Capital 2021", In November 2021 Georgia will participate for the first time in the international book fairs in Guadalajara and Thessaloniki.

November 27 to December 5, Georgia will be present at the Guadalajara International Book Fair for the first time with a national stand and a literary program organized by the Writers' House in the United Mexican States. Together with the Writers' House, the UNESCO World Capital 2021 Tbilisi Organizing Team and the Embassy of Georgia in the United Mexican States are involved in organizing the event. 


4 events are planned within the framework of Guadalajara Book Fair:

  • November 27 - UNESCO World Book Capitals.

Participants: Ninia Macharashvili (Tbilisi - World Book Capital), Gerald Leitner (IFLA - International Federation of Library Associations) and Martin Solares (Writer, Guadalajara - World Book Capital).


  • November 28 - Conversations on Contemporary Georgian Literature.

Participants: Dato Turashvili, Ana Kordzaia-Samadashvili, Archil Kikodze. Moderator: Nicolas Camarena (Dharma Books).


  • November 28 - The story of two world book capitals.

Participants: Archil Kikodze, Martin Solares ("Guadalajara - World Book Capital"), Luka Grigolia ("Tbilisi - World Book Capital").


  • November 29 - Professional event for Spanish-language publishers to get acquainted with Georgian literature. Participants: Natalia Lomouri, Ninia Macharashvili, Dato Turashvili.

At the Guadalajara Book Fair this year, Georgia will be presented with a 24 sq. m stand. The viewers will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest Georgian editions and foreign translations of Georgian literature. In addition, catalogs of Georgian literature, various information brochures about Georgia will be presented at the stand. 

The Guadalajara Book Fair is the second largest and important after the Frankfurt Book Fair. It is the most authoritative market in the Spanish-speaking world and participation in it is of great importance for the popularization of Georgian literature and the promotion of translation into Spanish.

The Thessaloniki International Book Fair will be held on November 25-28, Georgia will participate for the first time with a national stand and a literary program with the support of the Georgian Embassy in Greece. Within the frames of the fair, on November 26-27, presentations of books published with the support of the Writers' House and various literary events will be held with the participation of Georgian writers and publishers:

  • November 26 - Presentation of the Greek translation of Lasha Bugadze's novel "Literary Express", moderator: Anna Rutsi.
  • November 26 - Introduction of Georgian literature to Greek publishers. Participant: Maia Danelia, Deputy Director of the Writers' House.
  • Presenttion of Tbilisi World Book Capital projects. Participant: Tamar Topuridze, coordinator of the project’s cultural programs.
  • November 27 - Presentation of the Greek translation of Paata Shamugia's poetry collection "Scizogadoeba", moderator and translator: Ekaterine Janashia.

At the Thessaloniki Book Fair this year, Georgia will participate with a 18 sq.m. stand, the latest Georgian editions and foreign language translations of Georgian literature will be exhibited. The publications of the Institute of Classical Philology, Byzantine Studies and Neo-Greek Studies of Tbilisi State University in the field of Hellenism will also be given an important place. 

Georgia and Greece are connected by the history of centuries-old cultural relations. The participation in the Thessaloniki book fair with a national stand and a literary program will help Greek and Balkan publishers to take an interest in Georgian literature and strengthen the translation process.







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