05 October 2021
The finalists of the literary contest "Let's talk about Abkhazia" are known

The three-member jury of the literary competition "Let's talk about Abkhazia", ​​whose members were writers Shorena Lebanidze, Nino Sadghobelashvili and Irakli Shamatava, revealed 10 students participating in the final round:


  1.    Tatia Injgia - "Abkhazia - Our Hope for the Future"
  2.    Lizi Javakhadze - "Abkhazian history seen through the eyes of the Black Sea"
  3.    Onise Turkia - "My pain is called Abkhazia"
  4.    Mariam Dartsimelia - Untitled
  5.    Anna Shetsiruli - "Letter the other Side"
  6.    Ketevan Khuntsaria - "The Checkpoint"
  7.    Tamar Akubardia - "Patient the Tenth Ward"
  8.    Nikoloz Shaburishvili - "Night resembles expectation"
  9.    Natali Chitaia - "The Door"
  10.    Keti Gvarliani – “Hello”


The finalists of the literary competition will move on to an improvisation round that will take place at the end of November. In the creative round planned in Adjara, the students will spend two days in an informal environment with the members of the jury and will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the contemporary Georgian authors who write about Abkhazia.

In Improvisation round, according to the assignment given by the contest jury, the contest finalists will have to create fiction works in predefined time, which will be published as one book at the end of the contest. At the conclusion stage, the authors of three best works will be announced and will be awarded special prizes.


"Let's Talk about Abkhazia" is a joint literary competition of Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs Agency of Abkhazia and the Writers' House, its aim is to raise awareness among adolescents about conflict zones and occupation of Georgia, to remind them that people living in the occupied territory are our fellow citizens, with whom we share a common historic past. Even three decades after the fall of Sokhumi not only political and diplomatic relationships can’t be stabilized, there is almost no connection between Abkhaz and Georgian youth, with passing years it becomes more difficult to maintain historical relationships and for new generation Abkhazia is slowly becoming a historical past.  



The inspiration of the literary contest was a book “Let’s talk. 33 stories about Abkhazia”, edited by Irakli Shamatava and published by Intelekti Publishing. This book and contest share one idea – to talk to the new generation not about war, but about peace and about what was before.  


The partner of the literary contest is Intelekti Publishing.

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