02 August 2021
Contest to Publish Literary Papers has been announced

With support of the Ministry of Culture and Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia, Writers’ House announces a contest to publish literary magazines. 

The goal of the contest is to stimulate and popularize literary processes in the country, present Georgian literature works (prose, poetry, drama etc.), develop literary criticism by promoting periodicals.


Terms of contest

Legal entities publishing literary periodicals with at least 1 year of experience in the field are eligible to apply. 

The contest budget is Gel 50 000. The contest committee decides the number of winner projects and the amount of funding for each project. 

The presented project must meet the following criteria: 

a)             The works of Georgian authors of all generations (preferably also unpublished), debutant writers and translators must be equally printed in periodicals

b)              Works of literary criticism and essay writing must be presented

c)                Separate section must be allocated for ongoing contemporary literary processes in the world 


Within the frames of the contest, the contestant has the right to present only one project application.    

Priority may be given to the contestant whose project considers partners’ financial or other type of co-participation. 

The starting date of the project is September 10 and completion date is December 15

 The winner authors will sign the contract, that will define the obligations of parties. 


Terms for presenting the contest projects 

The contestants must present the following documents:

a)   a letter addressed to the director of Writers’ House

b)  Project application according to attachment 1

c)   In case of financial or other type of co-participation partners, a document certifying co-participation (contract or letter)

d)  Document public registry about the organization implementing the project

e)   Technical parameters of edition and printing costs presented the publishing house and accompanied by 3 complete invoices (market research)

f)    Concept of publication presented electronically (PDF or PowerPoint on CD or DVD) maquette is also allowed.

g)  List of editorial board (CV-s)

h)  Written consent/permission for magazine publication by the author and/or person having a copyright of the magazine.

i)    Bank requisites (document issue by the bank)


The contestant has the right to change the presented application and/or present additional documentation, only before the deadline for submissions.



                                        Contest Committee


A special contest committee will reveal the winner projects. Four members of the committee will be presented by the institutions related to literature and language research (universtities, science institutes etc.). One member will be presented by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs. 

The identities of the committee members are confidential until the completion of the contest. 


The contest committee evaluates the projects by a 5-point grading system, according to the following criteria:

1. The project’s relevance to the goals and terms of the contest

2. Expected results of the project (sustainability)

3. Relevance of the budget to project goal

4. Experience in implementation of similar projects

5. Co-participation


In case no application meets the terms of the contest, the contest committee will announce the contest as void.   

The contest committee is entitled to make decisions about:

a)   revealing the contest winner

b)  the amount of funding for each winner project


The contest committee is entitled to request the contestant to present any additional information (i.e. estimates) regarding the application, within the frames of funding defined by the committee.

The committee’s request about additional and/or specified information (attachment 2) will be sent electronically to the contestant by the email of the committee’s secretary’s work email (info@writershouse.ge).

The contestant is obliged to send the requested information to the committee within three days.

In case the contestants fail to present the information, or present it with errors or after the deadline, they will be removed the contest.

The committee’s decision is reflected in committee meeting minutes which is signed by the head of the committee and all members.

The committee’s decision is presented to the director of Writers’ House who issues a statement regarding the funding of the winners.


Before implementation of the project, the winner organizations will sign the contract.



Contest deadline

Submission of applications starts on August 2, 2021 and the deadline is August 14, at the Writers’ House at the following address: Tbilisi, 13 IV. Machabeli St.


Consultation related to application presentation and other contest related issues will be held at Writers’ House on August 9, at 14:00, at the following address: Tbilisi, 13 Iv. Machabeli St.   

Information about winner projects will be publicly available at the web sites of Writers’ House (www.writershouse.ge) and the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia (www.mes.gov.ge) no later than September 1, 2021.


After completion of contest, the contest application and attached documents will not be returned to the contestant by the Ministry.





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